​HeRISA Partners and Collaborators

HeRISA is collaborating with the Somali Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) in Rochester, Minnesota. The purpose of the health advisory committee is to advocate for and provide advice, direction, and information to improve the health of the Somali community in Minnesota. Somali Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is an established community-based committee to facilitate communication regarding health care needs of Somali residents in Rochester, Minnesota.

HeRISA is collaborating with the Somali Mental Health Foundation (SMHF). The foundation provides several services including community mental health education and research. In this regard, SMHF does some of the following:

  • Seminars,Workshops and conferences for general practitioners, school teachers, health workers, and other community leaders and opinion makers for sensitization on mental health issue
  •  Research on various psychosocial and health related issues including survey on prevalence of psychiatric morbidity and clinical depression in low-income areas, and survey of attitudes and beliefs among community members about mental illness